Use CSS preprocessing to development of your Big and small websites OR CMS.

The designer and web developers for the past decade have witnessed various iterations that goes about in creating a theme. Well CSS is unarguably the easiest language to pick up. Although simple, CSS has its own set of challenges when it comes to defining variables or when you have to repeat stuff over and over. All this is beautifully tackled with the LESS CSS. Yes!

About Less (Leaner CSS) : is a dynamic style-sheet language designed by Alexis Sellier. Started in 2010, it is now maintained and extended by the Less core team.
Less helps you make your CSS code maintainable, reusable, and prevent code duplication.

Most of us know the power of Less. Projects such as Twitter's Bootstrap and WordPress starter theme, both rely on Less. These projects build clear and extendable frameworks with Less. You can't ignore this proof.

LESS CSS is here to simplify your work and reduce your efforts. 

LESS is a CSS preprocessor. It conveniently solve code problems such as code repetitions, lets you introduce variables, operations and even function-like elements.